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Invest Your Time in the Knight Community

Giving back to the Knight community is more than just financial commitment—it’s also giving your time to ensure the best Catholic high school education to young men throughout the Toledo area. Volunteers can choose from a variety of events and organizations to help promote the Knight mission.


Reunion Weekend

Alumni Reunion Weekend is a time for reliving some of the best moments in our high school lives. Reunion volunteers help plan events and encourage attendance. And with the hundreds of alumni that return for this event, the outcome is rewarding for all involved. Click here for more information about reunions


Annual Fund

To support the Annual Fund, volunteers reconnect alumni, build alumni participation in programs, and support the financial stability of St. Francis by increasing Annual Giving.


The Class Agent

As a liaison between the class and the Alumni Fund, this officer’s goal is to increase the number of annual donors to the Fund. Plus, the Class Agent works to increase individual annual giving to St. Francis while also increasing first-time donors.

The Free Agent

To help increase the Annual Fund, Free Agents connect a small number of alumni friends and relatives to solicit an Annual Fund gift each year.

Brisson Association

Dads of St. Francis, this is your chance to help promote and foster the St. Francis mission through father and son activities. The Brisson Association also helps sustain a student insurance program, which ensures a student’s continued education at St. Francis in the event of the death of the party responsible for tuition. Help give back to the Knight community while also enjoying time with your son. Yearly membership dues are $45. 

Click here for more information!


Chappuis Society

All mothers of current St. Francis students and alumni are invited to join this Mothers’ Club. The Chappuis Society helps with fundraisers, honors teachers and staff with special events, and assists the St. Francis administration with various events. Give back to the Knight community by helping promote fun events for all St. Francis students and take this opportunity to have fun with your own son. Yearly membership dues are $10.

If your family already paid the Brisson Association fee, you are automatically a Chappuis member. 


Athletic Boosters

The St. Francis Athletic Booster Club (SFSA) is an action-oriented group of officers, parents, volunteers, and administrators working together to support St. Francis athletic teams and other extracurricular activities through financial support and volunteerism. The SFSA has invested financially to hockey ice time, various weights, stadium field cover, travel expenses, concession equipment, and more. 

There is an annual membership fee of $35 to join SFSA. Checks can be made payable to SFS Athletic Boosters. 



Planned Giving Recognition

The Knight Legacy Guild. The Knight Legacy Guild consists of people who have committed to ensuring a St. Francis de Sales School education for future generations. They have made deferred gifts to the Endowment Fund in the form of a bequest, life insurance, trust, or gift annuity. Their gifts total more than $250,000.

Note: Each December, a comprehensive list of donors for the preceding fiscal year is mailed to all alumni and friends of the School by way of the Annual Report, a special edition of Knight Life.


Knight Legacy Guild Members     
  • Anonymous

  • Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Andryc

  • Mr. James G. Ayres*

  • George J. Baibak, M.D. 

  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Barchick

  • Mrs. Maryellen Bargmann*

  • Mr. and Mrs. W. James Blanchard III

  • Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Buerk

  • Dr. William K. Clegg

  • Mr. and Mrs. Allan J. Conkle*    

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Daney, Sr.*

  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Davis

  • Mrs. Mary Degnan*

  • Mr. Robert F. Degnan*

  • Mr. and Mrs. David W. Dmytryka

  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Fernandez

  • Mr. Donald R. Fraser, Sr.*

  • Mr. Chester J. Glowacki*Mrs. Helen H. Glowacki*             

  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Guitteau

  • Mr. John F. Hancock*

  • Mr. John T. Hancock, Jr.*

  • Mr. and Mrs. Romaine W. Helfrich*        

  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Hood

  • Leonard G. Hudzinski, Ph.D.

  • Mrs. Shirley A. Iorio*

  • Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Johnson

  • Ms. Christine Juszczak*

  • Mr. Brian T. Kemski

  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Kenney 

  • Dr. and Mrs. Brian D. Kenney 

  • Ms. Edith G. Kirschner*

  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Kriner

  • Dr. and Mrs. John Lehner*

  • Mr. Paul E. Lentz*

  • Mr. David B. Lincoln

  • Mr. Stephen R. Loomis

  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Ludwig

  • Mrs. Dorothy M. Mann*

  • Mr. and Mrs. James E. Martin, Jr.

  • Mrs. Virginia M. Mattingly

  • McCarthy Union Central Annuity

  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. McCarthy

  • Mr. Francis McCarthy

  • Mr. Michael J. McDermott

  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McGrady

  • Rev. John J. McMenamin, O.S.F.S.*

  • McPhee Estate, Francis, Theresa, Donald

  • Mr. Paul Minor*

  • Mr. Harold K. Mossing*                

  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Murawa

  • Mr. John D. Obee*

  • Mr. Richard J. O'Donnell*

  • Mr. John D. O'Shea

  • Ms. Clara Pozniak*

  • Mr. Thomas G. Reiter

  • Dr. Marian Rejent*

  • Dr. James Roberts and Ms. Cynthia Millen

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Savage

  • Mr. Daniel J. Shea*

  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Smith

  • Mr. A. Gideon Spieker, Jr.*

  • Mr. and Mrs. David J. Stark

  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Swartz

  • Mrs. Geraldine K. Thebes

  • Mr. Timothy C. Tincher

  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Vamos

  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Walinski

  • Mr. David L. Walkowiak*

  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Walter

  • Mr. Carl V. Wasserman*

  • Mr. John R. Wirth

  • Mr. James B. Wozniak*

  • Ms. Cecilia Zarembski*

* Estate Gift Realized

Mr. Joe Sweeney

Director of Advancement

419-531-1618 ext. 305 Phone

419-531-9740 Fax

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