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Tuition Transfer Grant

Almost 60 years ago the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales were asked to open a college preparatory school for boys.  In 1955, St. Francis de Sales High School opened its doors and began the formation of young boys into Christian gentlemen.  We opened in order to respond to a need in our community.  In order to continue responding to the needs of our community.


A few years ago, the homily at our opening school Mass epitomized our identity.  The message was straightforward, “You are Knights, now become who you already are.”  This message fits the mission of our school, “Be who you are and be that well.” Our young men have embraced this truth, and have become this truth, and live this truth. This truth is so powerful that a school, a family, a brotherhood, has grown around it.    


 With this in mind, we have decided to actively welcome transfer students to our school through our Tuition Transfer Grant.  This is a grant for $2,500 open to all high school students who transfer into our 10th or 11th grades.  This grant is aimed at those students who are hearing a different message.  They are being told they must be someone else, and they are not able to be themselves in their current school.  Through this grant, we hope to attract students who want to enter our school, be formed with us, and become who they are.  



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