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Endowed Funds

Endowed funds are established through the St. Francis de Sales High School Foundation and provide an annual distribution for scholarship and programming support for St. Francis de Sales School.

Endowed fund gifts are generally made to previously established funds, or are given to create new, named funds. Unlike annual support, a gift to an existing fund or to establish a new fund is an investment in the future of St. Francis de Sales School.

The distribution from each individual fund is based on a board-approved distribution policy or donor-specific policy.  The primary objective of endowed funds is to grow the value of each fund through the prudent investment of the principal to provide inflation-adjusted distributions in perpetuity to St. Francis de Sales School.

New named funds require an initial commitment of $25,000.

For more information on how you can build the Foundation for sustaining support of SFS, please contact Joe Sweeney or Renee Winkler

Joe Sweeney '83
(419) 214-5438
Renee Winkler
(419) 214-5429

Listing includes endowed funds listed with permission

Andryc Family Fund
Nancy & Joel Andryc Media Endowment Fund
Aqua Knights Foundation & Coaching Excellence Fund
Barchick Family Scholarship Fund
Fritz Bargman Memorial Fund
Jack & Nanca Bartell Family Scholarship
William J. & Anne L. Bingle Scholarship
Booth Scholar Athlete Award
Paul J. and Mary C. Boyer Scholarship Fund
Brisson Insurance Fund
Gary Bryan / Jim Neary Harrier Scholarship
Bublick Family Scholarship
Burnett / Drake Scholarship
William & Clarabelle Carroll Scholarship
Chappuis Society Fund
Class of 1960 Scholarship
Class of 1966 Scholarship
Class of 1967 Legacy Scholarship
Class of 1996 David Baker Scholarship
Allan J. & Martha Jean Conkle Fund
William Conkle & Christina Olesten Scholarship
A. Terrence & Virginia L. Conlisk Academic Achievement Scholarship
Edward and Suzanne Conrad Scholarship
Michael B. Cook Scholarship Fund
Coyle Family Scholarship
John M. Croci Scholarship Fund
Kenneth Czerniakowski 1979 Memorial
Gerard J. Danford Scholarship
Scott Davison Memorial Fund
Terrance J. Degnan Scholarship
Cormac & Eileen DeLaney & Raymond J. & Alice R. Delaney Fund
Dettinger Family Scholarship
Dan & Mary DiSalle Family Scholarship
Detective Keith Dressel '89 Memorial Fund
Stanley Dunne & Robert Dunne Memorial Scholarship
Dziad Family Scholarship
Arnie & Paul Elzey Memorial Fund
Extejt Family Fund
Faculty & Staff Children Scholarship Fund
Steve C. Ferguson '84 Memorial Scholarship
Robert V. & Kathryn H. Franklin Fund
Ryan Gabel, 1994, Scholarship Fund
Anne Hasenauer Getz Scholarship Fund
Gladieux Family Scholarship
Valentine "Willie" Glinka Memorial Scholarship
C.J. Glowacki Scholarship
Mr. Jim Granecki '65 Scholarship Fund
Michael and Kathleen Hanley Scholarship Fund
Paul Harshman, Class of 1960 Memorial Fund
Heldreth Family Fund for Student Support Services
Henahan Family Scholarship
Endowment for Athletics (Hockey)
Robert Hylant & Jeanne Hylant-Schoen Memorial Scholarship
Jeff Hoefflin Memorial Fund
Rob Holler '85 Fund
Huss Family Scholarship
Nick Iorio Memorial Scholarship
Eric & Akiko Jones Scholarship
Nathaniel Jones Scholarship
Kasper Scholarship Fund
Dan & Judy Kasper Endowment for Technology
Jeffrey D. Kasper Memorial Scholarship
Robert & Janise Kaufman Scholarship
WTPSPA / NOSA Lance Keiffer Scholarship
Daniel C. Kennelly Fund
Patrick & Maureen Kenney Scholarship
Knights of the Round Table Schp in Honor of Coaches Mattingly & Janke
Stanley C. & Mary F. Knurek Scholarship
Don Kober Faculty Fund
Michael L. Krajewski, Class of 1968 Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Krueger Memorial Fund
Kuhr Family Scholarship Fund
James Kwiatkowski Scholarship
Lacrosse Fund
Rev. Thomas Landgraff, OSFS Endowment
Dean J. & Dale G. Langenderfer Fund
Helene & Tom Lauer Community Service Scholarship
LaValley Family Scholarship Fund
Charles & Rose Mary Lawton Scholarship
Lehner Scholarship
Paul E. and Jewel Lentz Endowed Chair for the Promotion of Engineering Studies
Lincoln Family Scholarship
Mary Ann Louy Fund for Chemistry
John & Helen Mahoney Leadership Award
Jeffery M. Mallamad Scholarship
Thomas J. Manahan Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. Romilio Marinelli Scholarship Fund
Mary's Scholarship
Richard C. Mattingly Scholarship
Dr. Richard Mauk Scholarship for Excellence in Biology
Kyle McGarity Memorial Fund
McGrady Family Scholarship
McGuire Family Scholarship Fund
Rev. Thomas McHugh, OSFS Scholarship
McMenamin, Wuschek, Cushing Fund for Foreign Study
Francis X. & Gertrude McNerney Scholarship Fund for UT
Francis N., Theresa K., & Donald J. McPhee Memorial Scholarship
Thomas J. Mitchell Scholarship
Harold K mossing Family Scholarship
Michael & Andrea Newman Family Scholarship
James O'Connell Memorial Fund
Oblates of St. Francis de Sales Scholarship
Casey & Jim O'Conor Scholarship
James S. Olszewski '61 Scholarship
Fr. Ronald Olszewski Endowed Chair for Leadership Development
Fran A. O'Neal Scholarship
John D. & Kathleen O'Shea Scholarship
Dr. Gregory Oswald Scholarship
Leni Pannenberg Scholarship
Pastorek Scholarship Fund
Peer Family Scholarship
Timothy Perrine '08 Memorial Scholarship
Timothy L. Peterson Memorial Fund
Pfeiffer-Nelson Scholarship Fund
Pletz Family Scholarship
Ron & Barbara Polek Scholarship
Mitchell Prater Memorial Scholarship Fund
Casimer & Magdalene Rejent Memorial
James Richardson Class of 2007 Award
Thomas A. Robakowski Fund
Curtis Robinette Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lawrence & Elizabeth Rost Scholarship
Robert I. and Catherine C. Ryan Scholarship
Eric and Phyllis Savage Scholarship for Minority Students
St. Joseph Scholarship Fund
Thomas Schlachter Fund
John & Nancy Schlageter Scholarship Fund
William J. Schlageter, III Memorial Scholarship
John Schlaudecker Memorial Fund
St. Francis de Sales Monsignor Jerome Schmit Memorial Fund
Steven Schoembs Family Scholarship
John Schoen Fund
William & Carol Schoen Scholarship Fund
James E. Sheahan Family Scholarship
Skowronek-Zychowicz Scholarship
Joseph M. Smith Memorial
Smitty Fund/Forever First
James Smythe '67 Memorial Scholarship
Snell Family Scholarship Fund
Fr. James Sottek Scholarship Fund
Paul L. Spinazze Scholarship
Sprenger Family Scholarship
Stephens Family Scholarship
Patrick J. Stiff Scholarship Fund
Bruce Sudders Memorial
Dr. Stephen Sutton '69 Fund
U.J. Tipton Memorial Fund
Richard Toerne Family Fund
David M. Walrod Memorial Scholarship
Janet Watkins Memorial Fund
David & Jaimee Weaver Scholarship
Robert L. & Mary Frances Weisenburger Scholarship
Eugene Williams Memorial Endowment for the Arts
Michael Williams '76 Scholarship Fund
Stephan Winkler Memorial Scholarship
John R. Wirth Fund
Coach Wyper Scholarship Fund
 Outside Managed Funds
Dorothy Wideman Scholarship Fund
Falvey Endowed Chair for the Promotion of Education & Scholarship (revocable)