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Mrs. Hohl’s AP Lit and Comp class ventured to the Toledo Museum of Art recently for an Ekphrastic Writing Tour.  These seniors will be writing a poem in response to a work of art of their choice which they will enter in TMA’s contest next month.  Good luck! 

St. Francis de Sales School student art work is on showcase at the Community School Art Gallery exhibit at Franklin Park Mall. The display is now open and runs through the entire month of February. We have 22 pieces that have been showcased and it is located next to the Apple Store.


The Fine Arts Department at St. Francis de Sales offers a wide variety of courses reaching out to every student level grades 7-12. Students learn and utilize a variety of design concepts, approaches, artistic styles and media. The work displayed here represents the creativity of many of our young talented gentlemen under the instruction of Mrs. Alexis Austin and Mrs. Jeanne Erickson.​

  1. Blake Noonan, grade 11, Acrylic

  2. Blake Noonan, grade 11, Acrylic

  3. Joe DuPuis, grade 12, Prismacolor Pencil

  4. Joe DuPuis, grade 12, Prismacolor Pencil

  5. Caden Collier, grade 12, Digital Illustration

  6. Caden Collier, grade 12, Digital Illustration

  7. Michael Gillen, grade 12, Digital Illustration

  8. Grant McCoy, grade 7, Prismacolor Pencil

  9. Nick Cook, grade 11, Prismacolor Pencil

  10. Nick Cook, grade 11, Mixed Media

  11. Declan Reimer, grade 12, Pastel

  12. Declan Reimer, grade 12,  Mixed Media

  13. Tom Michel, grade 11, Cut Paper

  14. John Burnham, grade 11, Prismacolor Pencil

  15. Alexander Clay, grade 12, Acrylic

  16. Alexander Clay, grade 12, Scratch Art

  17. Patrick Williams, grade 9, Prismacolor Marker

  18. Colin Chalmers, grade 12, Prismacolor Marker

  19. Lee Hart, grade 12, Prismacolor Marker

  20. Lee Hart, grade 12, Prismacolor Marker

  21. Jecorlin Frazier, grade 12, Acrylic

  22. Nick Provenza, grade 11, Ink and Watercolor­­

Congratulations Jack Hubay and Jay Denman for winning the Lourdes University, LaValley Family Scholarship!

Ms. Zhang and her students helped bring in the Chinese New Year by making Chinese noodles in the kitchen.

 Seniors in Mrs. Jagielski's class participate in "Real World Fridays". During a RWF, students learn skills to help prepare them for life beyond the walls of SFS. Single-living topics such as doing laundry, budgeting, mastering the handshake and cooking for two are explored. On Friday, senior mom, Wendy Flesh, taught the guys how to make pizza from scratch, mixing a simple punch and gave out her prized chocolate chip cookie recipe. It was a better-than-Ramen course fit for a Knight!

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