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Strategic Priorities

Gifts toward the Strategic Priorities are typically multi-year commitments to expand donor impact and help fund the most urgent initiatives, thus advancing the Knight experience into the future. Gifts made toward these Strategic Priorities help to restore and build state of the art campus facilities, sustain a comprehensive range of academic and extracurricular activities, as well as ensure that each student who desires a Knight education is able to receive one and become a leader of tomorrow in the Salesian tradition to lead “Gently and Firmly”. 

Our most current Strategic Priorities are:

    Center for Advanced Scientific Exploration (CASE) 
 The Center for Advanced Scientific Exploration (CASE) will create a sustainable Facility and Model that integrates collaborative work spaces, leadership development opportunities, and project based learning experiences for our students. This strategic priority will radically change the concept and culture of education in the sciences.

    Salesian Leadership Initiative
The Salesian Leadership initiative is a comprehensive, faith-based, and age appropriate program which inspires and forms future leaders.  It promotes the acquisition and practice of the skills, virtues, and motivation students need as future leaders.  This initiative engages the entire school community: students, faculty, and staff. The Salesian Leadership Initiative established the world                 renowned Global Salesian Leadership Symposium where leaders from around the world as well as prominent community leaders speak to the St. Francis students about leadership qualities including perseverance, unity, optimism, self-acceptance, loyalty, and integrity. For more information, Click Here.

    myPREP (Professional Readiness Education Program)
myPREP provides highly individualized learning experiences which are critical to ensuring success for every student.  Multiple pathways with each pillar of our mission are constructed to help students become the best version of themselves.  This cutting edge approach to education is novel and a value-added added experience for our students.  It is rooted in the teaching of St. Francis de Sales, “Be who you are and be that well.” For more information, Click Here.

The Affordability Priority focuses on the overall perpetual financial health of the school as well as programmatic support. These gifts are to be used wherever needed most by the school.


Call Joe Sweeney at 419-214-5438 or Dan Zawisza at 419-214-5441 to learn more about our current Strategic Priorities and how you can make a difference in the area you value the most.

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