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This order expired on 8/19/15 at 4:00 pm

Spirit Pack

The SFS Spirit Pack comes with either four or five shirts and will allow you to be dressed for just about any spirit section: White Out, Black Out, Red Sea, Sea of Blue, and Camo Knight option.  Four Shirt Pack is $27 and the Five Shirt Pack is $40. If these shirts were purchased separately the 4-pack would be around $48 and the 5-pack would be around $66!


Artwork is subject to modifications. 


The shirts in the 4-pack are all 100% Gilda Ultras shirts. The digital camo is the Badger 4180 performance shirt, 100% Sublimated polyester moisture management/antimicrobial performance fabric. This shirt, blank, sells on Eastbay's website for $17.99.

When selecting an item, select the size of the shirt, and then provide your Name, Grade, and Homeroom. Example John Smith, 9, 219.


If you are not an SFS student please put Name, Fan or Parent, Pick up. Example Jane Smith, Fan, Pick up


Paypal may ask for your zipcode for shipping, it will always show up $0.00 but you will need to enter your zipcode.



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