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Knight Express Card

Knight Express Card – School Breakfast/Lunch 


This school year, the cafeteria will be accepting cash, credit cards and the Knight Express card (which entails your son entering his ID number into a touch screen). To load money onto your son’s Knight Express account please login to:

To set up an account, all you need is:

  • A valid email address

  • A credit card

  • Your son’s student identification number

    • New students will be given this number on Registration Day.  It is the number of their school email.

  • Your son’s first and last name exactly as he is registered in Teacherease

    • If you registered your son as Robert with St. Francis, you cannot use Bob on PaySchoolsCentral, the system will not find a match.

  • Our District is:  OH - St. Francis (Toledo)

    •  Please note there is another St. Francis in OHIO. Make sure to select the correct school.

  • Payment options are under the “Lunch” tab


Each son in your family can be set up on the same account.  There is a convenience fee of 3.9% per transaction.  Typically, it will take up to 2 hours for a payment to appear in your son’s account so please allow enough time before his scheduled lunch period. 


Features of the system include:

  • Deposit money at your convenience into your son’s Knight Card account

  • Set email reminders to notify you when your son’s account gets low

  • Set up recurring payments for your son’s Knight Card account

  • Check your son’s Knight Card account balance

  • View an activity report so you can see what your son has purchased.  


Students simply key in their student number in the cafeteria. You should dissuade your son from sharing his number with other students to avoid anyone using it fraudulently.


If you need further assistance, the toll-free number for PaySchools Central is 1-800-572-6642. Their hours are from 8:30am-7:30pm, Monday through Friday. 


Important for Returning Parents:


You do not need to set up a new account every year. Their student number stays the same for the duration of their time at St. Francis. Funds remaining at the end of a school year stay on the account for the next school year.

Students may also drop off cash or checks in the main office drop box to be added to their lunch accounts. Please send cash or checks in an envelope with his name, student #, and the amount written on it, or have your son fill out an envelope provided near the drop box.

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