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Camp De Sales






Meet your fellow classmates, student leaders, Oblates and teachers before school begins, learn about St. Francis and enjoy four fun days at Camp De Sales. Come ready for GREAT times, GREAT food and GREAT memories.


Your summer Freshman Orientation includes 4-days and 3-nights at Camp de Sales, located in the beautiful Irish Hills of Michigan. Choose one of four sessions. Make new friends and come prepared for tons of fun this summer at Camp de Sales.


There is a $125 non-refundable application fee, to reserve your spot in one of the four sessions. Lodging, boat use, and food are all covered with your tuition at St. Francis, and being a Knight.



Q:  Where is camp?

A:  Camp is located at 1125 Ventura Dr. in Brooklyn Michigan.  It is right on Vineyard Lake 


Q:  What time should my son arrive at camp?

A:  arrive time around 2 pm on the first day


Q:  What time should I pick my son up on the last day?

A: You should pick your son up at 10:00 AM


Q:  Will there be a nurse there at camp? What about medicine?

A: There is no nurse, however, we will contact you in the if your son has any medical concerns.  There is a clinic in Brooklyn which we can take your son to, the closest hospital is in Jackson, MI. As far as the administration of medicine, the camp director will administer medicine- Please complete the medication form if your son requires medication. 


Q:  Is he allowed to bring his cell phone?

A:  Your son is allowed to bring his cell phone, however, we will collect them and only give them to the boys during downtime once or twice a day.


Q:  Who supervises them?

A: There are SFS faculty members as well as St. Francis students who supervise all of the activities. 


Q:  What types of activities will they be doing?

A: icebreakers, swimming, boating, tubing, campfires, hiking, team building 


Q:  Will he need to bring sheets and towels?

A: Yes, he will need to bring his own blankets and towels.  Twin size sheets or a sleeping bag works best.  He should have a towel for the beach and one for showering


Q:  Should he bring his own toiletries?
A:  Yes, your son should bring his own shampoo, toothpaste, and soap

Q:  Who should I contact in case of an emergency and I need to get a hold of my son?

A:  In case of an emergency please contact:  The St. Francis after hours number at 419-214-5461


What To Bring…

You need to pack enough clothes for 3 days - you can wear shorts, jeans, or sweatpants for all activities. Please check the weather forecast (for Brooklyn, MI) and pack accordingly. Evenings at Camp can be cool. Some of the activities will be outdoors where it can be muddy, so pack some “grubby clothes.”



_______ Pants - jeans and/or sweats, and shorts

_______ Shirts - t-shirts and/or polo shirts, and sweatshirts if cold forecasted

_______ Jacket and/or raincoat

_______ Clothes that can get muddy

_______ Tennis shoes (in addition to sandals or flip flops)

_______ Swimsuit (two suits if you want to change into a dry one everyday)

_______ Beach towel for swimming

_______ Shampoo and toiletries

_______ Bath towel

_______ Suntan lotion

_______ Bug spray

_______ Sleeping bag OR a set of twin size sheets and blanket

_______ Pillow

_______ Umbrella (optional)

_______ Flash light (optional)

_______ Phones and iPads (optional) will be collected and distributed daily during rest period

Note: Camp DeSales does not carry health insurance; parents are responsible for all medical expenses. Also, there is no place to do laundry at camp so please bring enough clothes.


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