Where can I find all the forms I would ever need?

All forms are on Finalforms now. Click Here


How can I be a Knight for a Day?

Contact our admissions department, Mrs. Brenda Skinner bskinner@sfstoledo.org, or by phone. 419-531-1618. Also you can click here to fill out the Knight for a Day form,


Where can I find Summer Camp information?

Click Here or sfsknights.org/camps



What do I need to bring to Freshmen Registration day?

Be in full uniform, you will get your yearbook picture taken, bring all the forms found here. Bring a check for book fees, and tuition if needed. All freshmen will get their schedule, and be able to walk it so they are ready for the first day of school Aug. 20th.


My son is sick today, or will be out absent. Who do I need to talk to?

Please call Mrs. Davison in the attendance office, 419-531-1618 ext. 301. If it is a planned absence make sure to let your teachers know so you can take make up work before.


How can I get a copy of my official transcripts?

You can either call the main office at 419-531-1618 or click on the Alumni Tab on our website and hit the tab labeled Transcript Requests. There is a $3.00 fee (transcripts are only available to alumni).


How do I reload my son’s Knight Express Card?

 Yes, this can be done online, by clicking here, or in person in the main office. You can also register your card so it can be tracked if lost.


What is Dynacal?

 Dynacal is the online calendar program that St. Francis uses. It will show when school has an altered class schedule (i.e. E schedule with a 2:03 pm dismissal for faculty meetings) or when parent meetings, athletic games, and club meetings, admissions events, and alumni events are; Click here to view the calendar. On the left side of the screen you can click on a calendar to narrow your results, or click “All Events” to see everything.


Can I customize Dynacal?

Yes, click here to create a My DynaCal account, and you can choose which calendars you can see, or if you would like to get text or email alerts when an event is canceled. You can also send the calendar to sync with your Google, Outlook, or Mac iCal, calendars.  If you have a son playing soccer, and another son running Cross Country, you can use My DynaCal to have both of those calendars overlay each other so you can see all events from each on one calendar. Click here for a video overview of My DynaCal.


I am interested in transferring my son to St. Francis de Sales High School, how can I get this started?

Please contact us at 419-531-1618 to schedule an interview with our Principal.  At the time of the scheduled appointment, it will be necessary to provide us with a transcript showing course work completed along with current grades.

I am an alumnus of St. Francis and had a major event in my life (moved cities, got a new job, got married, or had a child). Would St. Francis like to know?

Yes! Please contact Mr. Grant Grisier '08, our Alumni Director, at 419-531-1618 ext. 363 or by email at ggrisier@sfstoledo.org, or click here to fill out the form.


Who does St. Francis follow for weather cancellations and delays?

St. Francis School will announce closings and delays due to inclement weather. Should St. Francis be closed or delayed, it will be broadcast on local radio and TV stations, St. Francis de Sales School is delayed or closed. Delays and closures will also be on the main page of the St. Francis website, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Dynacal, and the SFS App.

What does SFS stand for?

SFS stands for St. Francis de Sales