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St. Francis Thanks Our Generous Donors

St. Francis de Sales School is grateful to our donors, whose generosity enables us to provide a first-rate Catholic high school education to Toledo-area students. As a way of honoring our benefactors, who help us fulfill our educational and spiritual mission every day, we have created a variety of giving societies and categories.


Founders Giving Recognition

Founders Society. Members of the St. Francis de Sales Founders Society are those who were faithful to their pledges for the original building of St. Francis de Sales High School.


Lifetime Giving Level Recognition

The Robert J. Healy Society ($100,000+). Rev. Robert Healy, O.S.F.S., was the third principal of St. Francis de Sales High School, serving from 1967 until 1975.

The Reverend George P. Shugrue Society ($50,000+). Rev. George P. Shugrue, O.S.F.S., was the second principal of St. Francis de Sales High School, serving from 1961 until 1967.


The Reverend William J. Ward Society ($15,000+). Rev. William J. Ward, O.S.F.S., was the first principal of St. Francis de Sales High School, serving from the School’s opening in 1955 until 1961.


The St. Francis de Sales Society ($5,000+). St. Francis de Sales, patron of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales High School, lived from 1567-1622.  He was Bishop of Geneva and is known as the Gentleman Saint.  Saint Francis’s personal motto is the same as the motto of the School, Suaviter and Fortier.


Giving Level Recognition

"O's" Club: $5,000+

De Sales Club: $2,500-$4,999

Accolade Club: $1,000-2,499

Red & Blue Club: $500-999

Senior Steps Club: $250-499

Pit Crew: $100-249

Club Jug: $1-99


Knight Legacy Guild 

Knight Legacy Guild was established to recognize those who have committed themselves to planned or deferred gifts for the benefit of St. Francis de Sales School. These gifts enable continued life-changing opportunities for young men and ensure the ongoing fulfillment of our mission.


Members with Estate Gift Commitments

McPhee Estate, Francis,Theresa, Donald

McCarthy Union Central Annuity

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Abrass

Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Andryc

Dr. George J. Baibak

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Barchick

Mr. W. James Blanchard III

Mr. & Mrs. Philip S. Buerk

Mr. John A. Chapman

Dr. & Mrs. William K. Clegg

Mr. Jeffrey C. Cole

Mr. & Mrs. Steven G. Collins

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Cook

Mr. G. Thomas Damasco, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Daney, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Davis

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Dmytryka

Dr. & Mrs. Patrick A. Downing

Mr. Richard G. Fernandez and Dr. Paulita S. Fernandez

Mr. Michael J. Gallagher, Jr.

Ms. Mary E. Galvin

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Guitteau

Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Hanley

Mr. Donald L. Harbaugh

Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Hood

Leonard G. Hudzinski, Ph.D.

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis G. Johnson

Mr. Brian T. Kemski

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Kenney

Dr. & Mrs. Brian D. Kenney

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick T. Kriner

Mr. David B. Lincoln

Mr. Stephen R. Loomis

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Ludwig

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery M. Mallamad

Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Malone

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Martin, Jr.

Mrs. Virginia M. Mattingly

Mr. John G. Mayer

Mr. Francis McCarthy

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. McCarthy

Mr. Michael J. McDermott

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. McGrady

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Murawa

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Newman

Mrs. John D. O'Shea

Mr. & Mrs. Damian J. Ogrodowski

Mr. Thomas G. Reiter

Dr. James Roberts and Ms. Cynthia Millen

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Savage

Mrs. Joyce M. Shultz

Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Stark

Dr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Stiff

Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Swartz

Mrs. Geraldine K. Thebes

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. Tincher

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Vamos

Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Walinski

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Walter

Mr. John R. Wirth


Members with Realized Estate Gifts

Wideman Family Scholarship Fund

Mr. James G. Ayres, Sr.

Mrs. Maryellen Bargmann

Mr. Allan J. Conkle

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Daney, Sr.

Mrs. Mary Degnan

Mr. Robert F. Degnan

Mr. Donald R. Fraser, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Glowacki

Mr. John F. Hancock

Mr. John T. Hancock, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Romaine W. Helfrich

Mrs. Shirley A. Iorio

Ms. Christine Juszczak

Ms. Edith G. Kirschner

Dr. & Mrs. John Lehner

Mr. Paul E. Lentz

Mrs. Dorothy M. Mann

Rev. John J. McMenamin, O.S.F.S.

Mr. Paul Minor

Mr. Harold K. Mossing

Mr. Richard J. O'Donnell

Mr. John D. Obee

Ms. Clara Pozniak

Dr. Marian M. Rejent

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Shea

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Shultz

Mr. A. Gideon Spieker, Jr.

Mr. David L. Walkowiak

Mr. Carl V. Wasserman

Mr. James B. Wozniak

Ms. Cecilia Zarembski

Mr. Joe Sweeney

Director of Advancement

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