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Coach Jim Neary

Assistant Cross Country Coach

A 1996 graduate of St. Francis, Neary received a Business Finance degree from Miami University in 2000. In addition to being the cross country coach, he teaches Computer and Financial Literacy and Ap Economics at St. Francis. His coaching style is to challenge each athlete to be their best but to always treat them with respect.

Coach Aaron Al-Sorghali

Head Cross Country Coach


A 2004 graduate of St. Francis, Al-Sorghali was a member of the St. Francis cross country and track teams. He graduated from the University of Toledo in 2008 with a degree in Athletic Training and completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy at Toledo in 2011. 




In addition to being back-to-back TRAC Champions in 2011 and 2012, the St. Francis cross country team has also been involved in 16 league championships and 18 district championships. St. Francis cross country provides an opportunity for athletes of all running ability to be a part of a team that values academic, physical, social, and spiritual development. All students are welcome to practice and train together as a team. The top seven runners compete in varsity races, while all others can run in an open race.

Cross Country Varsity Schedule

Cross Country JV Schedule

Cross Country Records

Toledo City League Champions

1980, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2001, 2010


Three Rivers Athletic Conference Champions

2011, 2012, 2013


Northwest Ohio District Champions

1980, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014


Northwest Ohio Regional Champions

1985, 1997, 2004


Northwest Ohio Regional Runner Up

2012, 2013


State Championship Team Finalists

1982 (9th), 1985(3rd), 1987 (13th), 1988 (9th), 1991 (10th), 1992(8th), 1993(3rd), 1994(12th), 1995(9th), 1997(5th), 2001(11th), 2004(8th), 2005(4th), 2010 (5th), 2011 (8th), 2012(9th), 2013 (13th)  


Top Ten Performers List


15:38 Scott LaVoy 2010

15:41 Chris Marchal 1994

15:42 Brad Wotring 1985

15:47 Rick Duda 1993

15:49 Jerry Holmes 1993

15:56 Mike Pedee 1993

15:58 David St. John 2012

15:58 Kyle Lach 2012

15:59 Mike Frey 2000

16:00 Steve Streicher 1997


All State

1985 Brad Wotring

1993 Rick Duda, Jerry Holmes

1994 Chris Marchal

1995 Chris Marchal

2004 Zach Graham

2010 Scott LaVoy


Top 50 at State Championship

* denotes All-State


7th Brad Wotring* - 1985

7th Chris Marchal* - 1994

7th Chris Marchal* - 1995

10th Scott LaVoy* - 2010

13th Jerry Holmes* - 1993

15th Rick Duda* - 1993

21st Steve Baugh - 1985

21st Doug Patterson - 1988

25th Zach Graham - 2004

27th Chris Marchal - 1993

27th Mike Frey - 2001

28th Brad Wotring - 1982

28th Mike Frey - 2000

30th Nick Zychowicz - 2005

31st Mike Pedee - 1992

31st Chris Tebbe - 1990

34th Colin Pettiford - 2007

35th Bill Davis - 1982

35th Aaron Schenk - 2010

37th Nick Zychowicz - 2006

39th David St. John - 2014

40th Rick Duda - 1991

41st Mike Pedee - 1993

41st Antonio Pringle - 2005

44th David St. John - 2011

44th Pete Mueller - 1988

44th Mark Wenrick - 1985

45th Colin Pettiford - 2005

46th Matt McHugh - 1997

47th Jerry Holmes - 1992

50th John Dombrowski - 1995


Academic All-Ohio

1994 Chris Marchal

1995 Chris Marchal

1997 John Fitzgerald, Rick Slawinski, Steve Streicher

2000 Mike Frey

2001 Mike Frey, Jeremy Klein, Jimmy Kyle

2003 Zach Graham

2004 Zach Graham, Pat Kolodgy

2005 Chris Douglas, Antonio Pringle, Nick Zychowicz

2006 Nick Zychowicz

2010 John Cameron, Lawrence Jajou, Kyle Lach, Scott LaVoy, Anthony Maraldo

2011 Kyle Lach, Daniel Lenart, Anthony Maraldo, Chris Schenk, Daniel Siebenaller

2012 Patrick Davis, Kyle Lach, Daniel Lenart, Chris Schenk, Daniel Siebenaller, David St. John

2013 Jacob Baugh, Daniel Siebenaller, David St. John

2014 David St. John


First Team All-TRAC (Top 7)

* denotes League Champion

2011 Kyle Lach*, David St. John

2012 Kyle Lach*, David St. John

2013 Daniel Siebenaller, David St. John

2014 Mitch Kaiser, David St. John, Jason White




TRAC All-Academic

2011 Michael Baugh,Will Cameron,Mike Czerniakowski,Anthony Maraldo,Patrick Davis,Kelan Grohnke,Kyle Lach,Daniel Lenart,Chris Schenk,Ryan Maraldo,Devon McGibbeny,Daniel Siebenaller,Adam Spegele,Nate Steingass,Joe Yanos


2012 Jacob Baugh, Michael Baugh, Jacob Beakas, Noah Best, Jerod Burkhart, Patrick Davis, Alec Falkenberg, Eric Halicek, James Hendricks, Kyle Lach, Tyler Langenderfer, Daniel Lenart, Ryan Maraldo, Aaron Natyshak, Jacob Price, Chris Schenk, Daniel Siebenaller, David St. John, Joseph Treece


2013 Jacob Beakas, Jerod Burkhart, Jacob Baugh, Louis Filipiak, Alex Griffin, Eric Halicek, Mitch Kaiser, Ryan Maraldo, Aaron Natyshak, Evan Shearman, Daniel Siebenaller, Matthew Spegele, David St. John, Ben Steingass, Joseph Treece, Steven Will


2014 Daniel Alvarez, Jacob Baugh, Ben Geldien, Will Gibbons, Eric Halicek, Nathan Johnson, Mitch Kaiser, Jimmy Karban, Nick Lehmkuhl, Justice McKinney, David Michel, Collin O’Brien, Andrew Quattromani, Nate Singlar, David St. John, Brady Stevens, Paul Zavell


First Team All-City (Top 10)

* denotes City Champion

1980 Rob Loeb, Pete McHugh, Jeff Rabideau

1981 John Cramer, Bil Keeling

1982 Mark Brandewie, Bill Davis*, Bil Keeling, Mike Moore, Brad Wotring

1983 Mike Moore, Brad Wotring

1984 Brad Wotring*

1985 Steve Baugh, Craig Bickle, Dan Harrington, Mark Weinrick, Brad Wotring*

1986 Craig Bickle, Dan Harrington, Bob Masters, Craig Snyder, Mark Wenrick

1987 Dan Harrington, Pete Mueller, Doug Patterson

1988 Matt Aman, Jim Knauer, Pete Mueller, Doug Patterson*, Craig Snyder

1989 Matt Aman*, Jeff Hawley, Jim Knauer, Chris Tebbe

1990 Chris Tebbe, Bill Weiher

1991 Rick Duda, Joe Marchal, Mike Pedee, Jon Penny

1992 Rick Duda, Jerry Holmes, Mike Pedee, Jeff Stevens, Mark Young

1993 Jerry Holmes, Chris Marchal, Mike Pedee, Dan Soldner

1994 Nick Frame, Chris Marchal*, Dan Soldner, Mark Young

1995 Nick Frame, Chris Marchal

1996 John Fitzgerald, Matt McHugh, Ryan Niezgoda, Rick Slawinski

1997 John Fitzgerald, Matt McHugh, Rick Slawinski, Steve Streicher, Todd Wilkinson

1998 Mike Frey, Steve Streicher, Brendan Wilde

1999 Mike Frey, Kevin Luffy

2000 Mike Frey*, Jeremy Klein, Pat McHugh

2001 Zach Brinkman, Mike Frey*, Pat Kolodgy, Jimmy Kyle, DJ Mosiniak

2002 Pat Kolodgy, Jimmy Kyle

2003 Zach Graham, Pat Kolodgy

2004 Zach Graham, Pat Kolodgy, Matt Kesselmayer, Nick Zychowicz

2005 Colin Pettiford, Antonio Pringle, Nick Zychowicz, Chris Douglas

2006 Nick Zychowicz, Colin Pettiford, Antonio Pringle, Anthony Jagodzinski

2007 Colin Pettiford, Aaron Schenk, Tom Walton, Eric Aubry

2008 Aaron Schenk, Scott LaVoy

2009 Scott LaVoy, Larry Jajou, Eric Aubry

2010 Larry Jajou, Kyle Lach, Scott LaVoy*, Aaron Schenk


Academic All-City

1988 Drew Eisinger, Jay Heininger, Jeff Krochmalny, Doug Patterson

1989 Matt Aman, Mike Dalton, Dave Faylor, Jim Knauer, Jeff Orlowski

1990 Paul Croci, Aaron McMannamy, Jason Raczkowski, Chris Tebbe

1991 Fred Alford, Rob Behan, Joe Marchal, Jon Penny

1992 Pat Flahie, Jeff Stevens

1993 Scott Doneghy, Rick Duda, Chad Emrick, Jerry Holmes, Dave Kleinberg, Evan Malone, Mike Pedee

1994 Jeff Prephan, Dan Soldner, Mark Young

1995 John Dombrowski, Nick Frame, Chris Marchal, Clarence Smith, Adam Tebbe

1996 Matt Kosinski, Jayson Kruzel, Mike Kubiak, Nick Kubiak, Jordan Malon, Brian McClellan, Brad Morlock, Brian Niezgoda, Dino Santacroce, Alan Zobler

1997 Ben Decker, John Fitzgerald, Brian Heminger, Matt McHugh, Pat Sadowski, Rick Slawinski

1998 Eric Bell, Adam Bowles, Tony Frame, Kevin McClellan, Mike Morgan, Steve Streicher, Todd Wilkinson

1999 Jordan Boomer, Jason Gries, Joe Harvey, Chris Nowak, Ian Rockwood, Matt Sinclair, Brendan Wilde

2000 Pat McHugh, Phil Sanford, Jim Schurrer, Dan Sheehan

2001 Zach Brinkman, Mike Frey, Greg Kramp, Andy Kreinbrink

2002 Sean Easterly, Jeremy Klein, Jimmy Kyle

2003 Aaron Al-Sorghali, LC Gagin, Chris Helm, Nick LaVoy, David Tighe, Zach Wayton

2004 Dan Dery, Zach Graham, Pat Kolodgy, Brad Pettiford, Greg Price

2005 Chris Douglas, Andy Erd, Carey Fisher, Marc Serve, Mike Shaw, Justin Turner, Dan Urbaniak, Darren Wendel

2006 Anthony Jagodzinski, Matt Kesselmayer, Antonio Pringle, Chris Rogerson, Gregg Swint, John Treece, Steve Urbanski, Nick Zychowicz

2007 Greg Boyer, Adam McCabe

2008 Andrew Flis, Mike Griffin, Kyle Schaefer, Patrick Schlembach, Bryan Swint, Dan Williams

2009 Eric Aubry, Ed Klausner, Colin Reineck, Zach Zychowicz

2010 John Cameron, Andrew Hall, Larry Jajou, Sam Krobath, Scott LaVoy, Aaron Schenk


SFS Knights of Honor

2002 Mike Frey

2003 Jeremy Klein

2004 David Tighe

2005 Zach Graham, Brad Pettiford

2006 Chris Douglas

2007 Anthony Jagodzinski, Steve Urbanski

2009 Patrick Schlembach, Dan Williams

2012 Will Cameron, Anthony Maraldo, Adam Spegele, Nate Steingass, Joe Yanos

2013 Daniel Lenart

2014 Daniel Siebenaller, Ben Steingass


Cross Country Roster

Cross Country Junior High Schedule

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