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SFS COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Procedures 


The state of Ohio and Lucas County Health Dept no longer requires reporting of COVID-19 cases. SFS has seen the same decreases in cases as the rest of the community. Due to the requirement being lifted, and the lack of cases, SFS will no longer have a COVID-19 dashboard.

1)Protocols for COVID-19 symptoms and positive tests 

a) Students, faculty and staff who display symptoms of illness: 

Anyone with an illness that involves the following should stay home for the day and can return to school unrestricted when symptoms resolve 24 hours later. Any student who has symptoms of illness should remain home until their symptoms resolve.

1) Fever 

2) Chills 

3) Fatigue 

4) Cough 

5) Muscle or body aches 

6) Headache 

7) Sore throat 

8) Congestion or runny nose 

9) Diarrhea 


ii) The criteria to return to school when new olfactory or taste disorder are as follows: 

1) PCR or antigen COVID Test (If there is any pending test results the student must remain home until results are returned)

2) Or a doctor’s note with an alternative diagnosis 


c) Athletics - Anyone required to wear a mask will not be allowed to participate in athletics until the mask requirement has ended. They may participate with the team in a classroom setting or on a bench, but a mask must be worn.

No matter the vaccine status, symptomatic or not, anyone who has a pending COVID test may not return to school until all results are turned in.

Please email to report a case or ask about the

SFS COVID policy.

Click below to submit a safety tip

Click below to be added to our text list for emergent messages. This will NOT be for weather delays 

Updated: 1/3/22 10:00 am

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