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St. Francis de Sales Credit Recovery Options

In Person Courses

Private Tutoring


Guidelines for Private Tutoring:


Making up a failure requires the following hours:

One Semester Class = 20 Hours

(16.5 hours of instruction and 3.5 hours of testing)

The above hours are based on 1 hour of tutoring for every 4 hours that the course met during the school year.

Tutors must have a current teaching certificate listing the subject to be taught. A copy of the certificate must be on file in St. Francis de Sales’ Main Office.

Students may not be tutored by members of their family.

Students may not be tutored by the teacher whose class they failed.

How to Get Started:​

1. Find your tutor by clicking on the 'list of tutors' button below.

2. Contact the tutor you would like to work with and make arrangements for payment, meeting dates, and times.

3. Provide your tutor with a copy of the tutoring worksheet before you begin meeting. You can print this worksheet by clicking on the 'tutoring worksheet' button below or pick up a copy in the counseling office.

4. When you have finished tutoring, submit payment to your tutor. 

5. Your tutor will submit the tutoring worksheet to the Academic Dean when he/she has received full payment. 

TPS Summer School

Registration begins May 13th and closes May 31st. 


Toledo Public Schools uses an online provider for the classes called APEX but the students are required to physically attend class daily for 5 weeks. They have teacher support and they can work from home as well.  




Program runs June 4th-July 3rd  9:00- 12:00: Monday-Thursday. 

Summer School Locations: Bowsher, Start & Waite.
(Students sign up for one location)

Cost per course:

Non-TPS students residing in Toledo - $100.00

Non-Toledo Residents - $150.00

The following are required documents for registering students:

1. Complete Registration Form
(student requested course needs to be indicated)

2. Completed Internet Agreement Form

3. Completed Emergency Medical Authorization


*The Student goal sheet needs to be completed by the student to be brought to summer school on their first day of attendance.*

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