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Salesian Leadership Initiative

The Salesian Leadership Initiative (SLI) inspires future leaders of self and others. It promotes the acquisition and practice of the skills, virtues, and motivation students need as future husbands, fathers, citizens, employees and employers. The Initiative engages the entire school community: students, faculty and staff. It involves teacher training and follow up, appropriate additions and adjustments to current course and extracurricular activities, student formation, expert coaching, alumni mentoring, group activities, service trips, individual and group reflection and integration outcomes assessment. In addition, qualified juniors and seniors may elect to participate in a more focused, community based, leadership program.

The term "Salesian," simply refers to things "of Francis de Sales" and his spirituality. This means "Salesian Leadership" is leadership through the lens of the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales.

The Initiative is comprehensive, faith-based, and age-appropriate. While many career and leadership skills are honed through collegiate degree programs, internships, residencies and in-service days, the seeds of good leadership - self-confidence, self-discipline, empathy, flexibility and integrity - germinate in childhood and adolescence. Our student body of 12-18 year old boys provides an unrepeatable opportunity to lay the groundwork for great leaders. The Initiative is further enhanced by the flexibility of being a private school, the caliber of our students, the motivation, engagement, example and personal success of our parents and alumni, and the expertise and dedication of our Oblate and lay faculty and staff.


I was energized by the modules throughout the year. The topics covered provided a nice opportunity to learn more about my classmates and myself.andrew seddon '23