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Christian Service

For the good of others

By virtue of our Christian Baptism, we are called to be prophet, priest, and king. Through the Christian Service Program, the Knights practice this call to live Jesus. We are all members of the Body of Christ and are charged with caring for others, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ who are marginalized by others.  

This program and requirement are to give the students a way of exercising the values of Jesus in a very active and overt way. By concentrating on our local community, students can see the impact they make and how they are giving back something to the community. Through their service, the community sees a multi-cultural dimensional portrait of the student, based on high visibility and as a positive role model. Young people so often are stereotyped in a negative fashion and really they do so much good and with so much energy.

St. Francis de Sales requires all of their students to complete service which engages them directly with other people. The students gain new experiences such as adjusting to the needs of others and understanding those people with different viewpoints and from different cultures. There is an opportunity to reflect upon these experiences after they complete their hours. However, many continue their volunteering because they are unable to sever the relationships and because they have received so very much themselves.

We can never love our neighbor too much. There is nothing small in the service of God. St. Francis de Sales

Director of Student Life

K.C. Vitaniemi

K.C. Vitaniemi

Titles: Director of Student Life, GSLS Coordinator

Christian Service is our most consistent way of living our Faith.

-rev. alan zobler, osfs '97

Christian Service Hours Reporting

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