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Honors Math Analysis

General Requirements for Graduation

Minimum Credits
Theology 4.0
English 4.0
Social Studies 3.0
Mathematics 4.0
Computer Science 0.5
Science 4.0
Foreign Language 2.0
Fine Arts 1.0
Health & Physical Education 1.25
Minimum Electives 1.75
Minimum Total Credits


  • In addition, thirty (30) hours of Christian Services are required both senior and junior years.  Twenty (20) hours are required both freshman and sophomore years for a total of minimum of 100 hours.
  • Participation in an approved retreat is required during junior or senior year.
  • Two years of a foreign language is required, but three years or more is highly recommended. 
  • Participation in one season of a sport can be substituted for 0.25 units of physical education at level 3.

Course Prerequisites and Requirements