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College Credit Plus

Overview and Notes

SFS juniors and seniors have the opportunity to earn college credit by participating in one or more of our three College Credit Programs. The three programs are Advanced Placement (AP),  Dual Enrollment (DeSales University), or College Credit Plus (CCP)

Students can participate in our AP and Dual Enrollment programs by selecting AP courses during our normal course registration process (Most of the college credit earned by our students is through our AP program.)

Students and parents wishing to participate in CCP, however, must act before regular SFS registration and adhere to several important deadlines.


Ohio Department of Education Contact Info
Toll Free: (877) 644-6338

CCP 2024-2025


By February 9, 2024: 

By February 26, 2024 (student): 

  • Apply online to UToledo for acceptance as student
  • Take the Accuplacer at UToledo (if required)

For all questions regarding the University of Toledo and / or the application process, please contact one of the Success Coaches.

By April 1, 2024 - 5:00 p.m. EST (parent):

  • Create an OH | ID account
  • Request access to the CCP funding application
  • Complete the Intent to Participate section
  • Complete and submit application (must include UToledo's acceptance letter) 

Before May 15:

  • Funding award notifications sent directly to parents via OH | ID account.

**Please send award letter to Mr. Mello when you receive it.

University of Toledo CCP Info

To apply on-line to UT for Acceptance as Student

​For more information about UToledo's CCP or the admission requirements, please  visit

Success Coaches
Kari Dilworth
Nick Mignogna
Matthew Will

College Credit Plus

CCP History

College Credit Plus was introduced at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year. It is a state-wide program that offers qualified Ohio students the opportunity to simultaneously earn high school and college credit for college-level courses. Through the CCP program, students may enroll in Introduction to Engineering, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Health Careers, or may take other online or on-campus course offerings


These classes are funded by the state, for students who meet the requirements and who live in Ohio. Funding is not guaranteed, and may be limited, for those who apply.


The grades the students earn will be part of their college transcript. A low grade could adversely affect the student's academic standing and / or acceptance into a college after high school graduation. In addition, if a student fails the class or drops the class after the withdrawal period has ended, the student (parents)  will be responsible for payment of full tuition for the class.

The three introduction classes offered through UToledo are not guaranteed to transfer to another post-secondary institution.

Other Notes

Some students are ready, academically, to take college level classes, but are not self-disciplined enough to handle the other demands associated with the coursework. 

Because there can be significant academic and financial consequences for poor performance, please carefully consider whether your son is ready to take on this challenge.

Organization of Information

Parents will be asked to create usernames and passwords for the state's OH | ID account - and students will be asked to create usernames and passwords for several UToledo accounts. Students will also be assigned ID numbers from UT and the ODE. SFS does not have access to the log-in information or ID numbers, so we will not be able to help if the student or parent forgets or loses this information. 

SFS will ask students for the letters they receive from the state - especially the Funding Approval Notification. 

We need this information to help students register for classes. The state does not give SFS this information, so we need to collect it from you.