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Building on more than 60 years of academic excellence, St. Francis is unveiling myPREP. This first-of-its-kind academic program opens our students up to classes not offered at any other high school. It stands for Professional Readiness Educational Program, and it prepares our students for life. myPREP is revolutionizing the academic landscape by offering new programs to students looking for a path to the future. A path that only starts at St. Francis.


myPREP brings additional College Board certified programs to our already exceptional Advanced Placement offerings.  Through our partnership with the College Board and Project Lead The Way, we offer our students academic pathways to receive College Board recognition in engineering and computer science.  This recognition shows colleges and universities that the student is highly prepared to enter advanced coursework in this discipline.


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Juniors and seniors on the myPREP path have the opportunity to take four college courses through the University of Toledo in Law, Engineering, Business, and Health Care, gaining a greater understanding of these fields, their demands, and their rewards before entering college. By letting students explore concentrations before paying college tuition, myPREP can save students time and money while better preparing them for college and career.


Students begin down on the myPREP path as early as 8th grade. Here, students can choose from project-based classes, such as Design and Modeling and Automation and Robotics, that teach integrate problem-solving, critical reading, math skills, and teamwork to help students succeed academically and socially.


As they continue the myPREP path into high school, students are introduced to Computer Science, Engineering Design, and other STEM programs that lay the groundwork for earning qualifications and demonstrating to colleges and employers their ability to manage advanced coursework and show interest in a future career.


Part of a comprehensive partnership that includes the University of Toledo, the College Board, Project Lead the Way, and St. Francis de Sales Constituencies, myPREP is unmatched in its ability to help students earn college credits, make career discoveries, develop an alumni network, and build a stronger college resume.


myPREP gives our students the unique opportunity to discover a new way to college and beyond.

The Toledo Area’s Largest Program for AP Courses

At St. Francis, we offer the strongest Advanced Placement program in northwest Ohio, with 20 AP courses to prepare students for college credit in a wide range of subject areas. Moreover, we offer a variety of honors and elective courses so students can customize their educational experience to suit them best. Additionally, St. Francis offers opportunities to explore the engineering field with a customized Introduction to Engineering offered through a partnership with the University of Toledo.  The strength of our AP program can be summarized with strong numbers.  In 2015, 154 students attempted 308 AP exams in 20 different subject areas.  The school-passing rate for those 308 exams was 78% compared to a national average of 59.9% for the same 20 exams. 15 of the 20 subject areas scored above national averages and four subjects (AP Computer Science A, AP French Language & Culture, AP Latin, and AP Statistics) achieved 100% passing rates among SFS students.


Pre-requisites for registering for AP courses range from a minimum GPA of 3.0 to 3.5, strong written skills, prior course success, and good classroom behavior. Final approval is made by the individual teacher and the academic dean. All guidance counselors and the academic dean can answer students' questions about registering for AP courses. The price for AP exams is established by the College Board. The test schedule and prices for AP exams can be found at To access colleges and universities with AP credit policy information, go to The College Board.

College-Prep Academics


St. Francis de Sales provides the tools a young man needs to become a successful academic leader in both college and in his life ahead. Last year, all of our seniors who applied to college were accepted into one or more of the colleges of their choice. The class of 2015 is attending over 50 different universities around the country. Our diverse student population represents over 40 different junior high schools from around Northwest Ohio, and they have one thing in common: each one wants to attend the college of his choice. St. Francis is committed to giving our young men the tools to do just that.


The class of 2015 performed exceptionally well on the American College Test (ACT).  Their average scores were 25.0 compared to a national average of 20.9 and a state average of 22.0.  82% of the class scored in the top half in the country, while 37% scored in the top 10% in the country.


In 2015, St. Francis de Sales students were honored in the following areas:

4 National Merit Scholars

1 National Merit Finalist

54 AP Scholars

12 AP Scholars with Honor

27 AP Scholars with Distinction

7 AP National Scholars


Our experienced faculty, college prep curriculum, and latest classroom technology can help students experience the best Catholic education possible!

The College Credit Plus Program 


The College Credit Plus Program (CCP) allows qualified students, who reside in Ohio, to take college-level classes.  Students can earn college and high school graduation credit through the successful completion of college courses.  Interested students should contact their counselor if they would like more information.  


Information can also be found at Ohio Department of Education College Credit Plus link:

or University of Toledo CCP link:

For more specific information regarding the courses available click following: University of Toledo Career Pathway Courses


The SFS College Credit Plus Parent and Student Information Meeting will be held in late January.  The specific date will be posted on DynaCal and will be announced following our return from Christmas break.