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Student Testimonials

Ben Bartschy '24

"St. Francis impacted my life in a big way and helped shape my attitude and outlook towards different people. St. Francis strives to push you from a boy into a successful young adult. It made me a better person. It showed me that there will always be opportunities out there and that God is always in your life. The place is awesome and I wouldn’t change it. It creates brotherhood and bonds that will last a lifetime. It made me less shy and more observant to the outside world."

Alexander Adam '24

"My experience at SFS has been great. I came in not knowing who I really was, but after these four years I have become the man I want to be for the rest of my life."

Eric Williams '24

"St. Francis has shown me how to persevere when faced with challenges. I was always one of the smartest kids in my classes throughout elementary school. But once I reached St. Francis, I was faced with difficult classes and classmates who showed incredible knowledge. I wasn’t jealous of this but was more so amazed and inspired to be better. I learned to let go of my pride and rely on the people around me when I needed help."

Zane Newland '24

"The St. Francis experience impacted me by modeling the kind of man I should be. It gave me examples of virtues and values that I should and did integrate into my life. Furthermore, it gave me the opportunity to find my passions and expand my academic prowess. It also connected me with beneficial resources through alumni, public figures, and my classmates."

Charlie Krzyminski '24

"St. Francis helped me grow out of my social comfort zone. I have met a ton of people. I also have been challenged to do more, whether it was with talking to teachers, or going to meetings, or joining the Salesian Leadership class. These things, while they were scary at first, helped me realize that I am able to communicate with others more than I think. I also realized that I shouldn’t be afraid of new opportunities. St. Francis also gave me the most important relationship, God. The opportunities that St. Francis has given me but also the tough times at SFS have helped me grow my relationship with God."

Dylan McCormick '23

"St. Francis has shown me what true friendship is and how strong the bond between a group of men can be."

Reche Dixon '23

"SFS is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  If I could experience this brotherhood again for the first time, I without a doubt would." 

Charlie Arquette '23

"I am confident that I will be successful in the future and can proudly say that St. Francis has made this possible."

Nicholas Fullenkamp '23

"I have fallen in love with this school and the people within its walls.  I cannot imagine my life without this school or its community."