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About St. Francis de Sales School

Dear Friends of the Knight Community,


Welcome to St. Francis de Sales School!


Thousands of young Knights have come through these halls and experienced the transformative journey from young adolescent boys to outstanding Christian gentlemen. Through God's Grace and Love, the teachings and virtues of our patron, Francis de Sales, and the many good people and families connected with our school, we have been able to provide a real moral, intellectual, physical, and social foundation for our students. Today we are stronger than ever, providing a truly life-changing educational experience that takes place both inside and outside of our building.

Academically, St. Francis has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Catholic high schools in the country. Our AP Program is highly accredited and is far and away the leader among high schools in Northwest Ohio—and beyond—with 20 AP classes. The College Board identified our school as having one of the best student success rates in the AP math, science, and technology courses in the state. 

Our young men have the opportunity to openly broaden and deepen their faith perspectives. Through religious retreats, volunteer projects, and mission trips, our students experience their faith in profound ways both locally and globally. In addition to students having eight semesters of religious education, the Campus Ministry and Christian Service Departments have been so instrumental in keeping our young men actively engaged in their personal spiritual journeys.

With 27 state championships in seven different sports, we are among the leaders in athletic achievements! As we all share the pride in our Knights sports teams, our outstanding facilities—the Seeman Fitness Center, LaValley Field, Kober Field, Natatorium (Pool), and two gyms - are available to our entire student body and members of the SFS community to promote physical development.

I often marvel at the gain in our young men's confidence during their four year high school experience. They enter as hesitant freshmen and mature into self-assured seniors who have taken prideful ownership of their school. Our students, upon graduation, are fully prepared to serve for the benefit of greater good no matter where life's travels may take them as well-rounded Christian gentlemen.

Thank you for visiting our site and I encourage you to stay connected with all the exciting things we are doing to provide a transformative experience for these young men - outstanding Knights of St. Francis de Sales School.



Fr. Geoffrey N. Rose, O.S.F.S.


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Fr. Geoffrey Rose O.S.F.S.


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Our Mission

We are a Catholic college preparatory school community for young men.

We promote the academic, spiritual, social, and physical development of our students

in order to produce leaders in the spirit of St. Francis de Sales, who challenges us to

“be who we are and be that well.”

Oblates of St. Francis de Sales

"It has been our desire from the beginning, I believe, to be a community of men who live in the world imitating Christ. Individually it is impossible to model Christ in all his perfection, but together as a religious family in many parts of the world and through various ministries we imitate Christ in his teaching, praying, and proclaiming the Good News to all."

-Oblate Priest

St. Francis de Sales School

SFS has 734 students enrolled in Grades 7-12th as of October 31, 2020. All Faculty and Staff, as well as volunteers who have direct contact with students, are required to pass the appropriate background checks, and courses outlined in this policy. The entire webpage can be found here.

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